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Watch out! The Tank is coming through!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Key Points:

  • My beat this semester is on International Wildlife Conservation.

  • A global phenomenon occurring since last year is in regards to a 500 pound bear rummaging through the homes of Lake Tahoe.

  • His supporters have been fighting for him to be taken safely to a bear sanctuary due to authorities trying to trap him and or worse euthanize him.


Dasha Levin and Sunflower

This semester I will be covering stories on International Wildlife Conservation. It deals with the preservation of nature across the world. My personal connection to this beat was sparked when I visited Thailand and had cared for this elephant named “Sunflower”. The interaction we had truly sparked my interest to care for animals.

Ever since then I’ve been dedicated to learning more about saving wildlife around the globe. Not only that but I strive to bring attention to issues that people can help out with and take the call to action. I hope to lead by example with these declarations and hopefully be able to make a positive impact on the world by influencing my audience to do more when it comes to animal conservation everyday.


The Perpetrator

Go! Hank! Go! | PC: CBS13

With that being said, I want to discover international stories that speak to my community and for people to relate to. Through my research I’ve been able to find feature articles about a perpetrator going into homes in the Lake Tahoe area. This phenomenon is widely known as the 500 pound bear, Hank the Tank. For the past week this black bear has been rummaging through civilians homes to solely find better food. Hank has shown no aggression towards people, but so far some have been trying to haze him with paintballs, sirens, and tasers.


Breaking the Norms

Lake Tahoe | PC: The Press Document

Although, no matter the stakes of his adventures, many residents in the area have been quoted in saying that Hank is no harm to humans and all he cares about is taking their food. This breaks the stigma that bears carry which is why Hank the Tank has become a viral sensation. People sympathize with Hank due to his gentle demeanor and attitude towards humans.

To date Hank has broken into approximately 30 homes, with over a 100 phone calls to the police being related to his actions. He started his tirade in the beginning of July 2021 and has escaped the authorities countless times. In order to disarm Hank the county has set up traps throughout the wilderness but the citizens of Lake Tahoe have forced police to remove them as they want the bear to be safe and respected.



Hank the Tank | PC: CNN

Now the California Department of Wildlife has stated that their last resort will be euthanizing Hank. In stating such a fact the people of Lake Tahoe became even more concerned about Hank’s well being and have begun petitioning on his behalf. Instead of harming him they are fighting for him to be captured in a safe manner and transported to a bear sanctuary nearby. This will allow Hank to live out his days without a worry of searching for food.

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