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Don't Worry Pet Owners of Miami, Your Trainer is Here

Key Points:

  • Ilya Levin started the dog training business, Train Like Pablo.

  • His services include crate training, basic obedience, more advanced obedience and off-leash walking.

  • Worked with over 100 happy clients.

Train like Pablo

Dog owners and pet parents in Miami now get the chance to work with a dedicated and kindhearted dog trainer. Ilya Levin, the founder of Train Like Pablo, is on a mission to make Miami beaches beloved pets the best behaved dogs in the world.

With many raving reviews online, I needed to find out what makes Ilya’s training sessions such a hot commodity. His personalized training method is what makes him so unique. Ilya not only teaches the dogs but the owners as well in order for his clients to keep up the training regime that he has given them.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ilya to learn more about his business and the services that he offers. He said… “I provide private dog training from the most basic beginner level puppy to advanced off leash obedience.“

Levin’s path to becoming a business owner

Ilya always had the suspicion that he would be involved with animals in the future. In his teens, he volunteered at the local dog shelter in San Diego, Hellen Woodward. After highschool, he enrolled as an undergrad in public health at Johns Hopkins university in Baltimore. During his college years, Ilya adopted a small chubby Rottweiler and named him Pablo.

One day while out at the park with his Rottweiler, a poorly behaved Husky ran up and bit his dog on the nose. This frustrated Ilya but also gave him the idea that he could help others to get their furry friends the obedience training that they need.

After a few years with Pablo, Ilya had managed to train him to a very advanced level. Pablos advanced obedience level was a surprising sight to see as he weighs over 100 pounds. On several other public outings, where Ilya took Pablo out off-leash, he was asked by many different strangers if he would be willing to train their dogs. These encounters sparked the idea behind Train Like Pablo.

Since becoming a dog trainer…

From dogs dealing with separation anxiety to aggression issues Ilya has seen it all. He has worked with over 100 clients dealing with any range of behavioral issues since the founding of his business 16 months ago. When it comes to your dog's obedience, Ilya is your guy. In his sessions your pet can master the likes of crate training, basic obedience, more advanced obedience and off-leash walking.

Ilya said about his work “a dog's success is my number one priority so my training programs are customized for every dog and owner's needs.” He focuses on behavioral obedience, functional training, and many other useful practices throughout his sessions. To further advance his knowledge and strategies in dog training, Ilya is studying about training service and protective animals.

Click the link to support Ilya’s business on Instagram @trainlikepablo. For more information about his services, visit his website. You can call or text them at (305) 600-3190 for more pricing details, which may vary based on travel fees and other details.

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