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How Social Media can help a Small Animal Business

Key Points:

  • Jay Brewer, the owner of the Reptile Zoo, started multiple social media accounts to help aid his business.

  • 50 million followers across all of his platforms

  • On social media, he averages over 200 million views a month

Jay Brewer, the owner of the Reptile Zoo located in Fountain Valley, California started his business in 1988. His intention behind building his zoo was to pair it with a television show. Once his customer base started to grow, he shifted the company's focus to educating people from around the world about reptiles. This is how his social media journey began.

In 2005, when YouTube first started, which is what prompted their rise to fame, his daughter Jessica started helping him out as she started posting videos. With their audience growing, they soon realized short-form videos were their way to retain people’s attention so they developed content on Youtube Shorts, IG TV, Snapchat and Tiktok.

Brewer’s main form of media are short posts that are captivating, short to the point and mesmerizing to the audience. He also has unique access to a variety of exotic animals which grab people's attention. In addition to that, Jay posts longer videos so he has the chance to inform the public about his animals. Although he may get up close and personal with some of the world's most dangerous animals, as a trained professional, Brewer’s knowledge of reptiles is off the charts and always keeps himself out of their way but close enough to spark a reaction for his social media.

In this new age of communication, Jay, with the help of his daughter, has been able to grow his collective social media accounts to over 50 million followers to date. Jay presents himself in his content with the perfect delivery for quick, attention grabbing videos as he’s energetic and animated. His speech is very easy to understand, and he includes facts about the animals to educate his audience.

Jay’s platforms have gained him so much popularity that he has been able to hang out with influencers and celebrities like David Dobrik, Kevin Hart, and many more wanting to seek the thrill of interacting with these foreign creatures. Now with over a billion views, Brewer continues to post near snake bites and content with other famous creators which help to grow his channels daily.

With such a vast online presence, this has given Brewer and his team the platform to spread awareness on how to interact with these animals. The Reptile Zoo hosts about 20,000 educational events, in the 5,000 square foot facility, making for fun and meaningful experiences for all guests across Orange and Los Angeles counties.

If you would like to plan a trip to the Reptile Zoo or for more information, click here.

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