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Warning: Koalas could be gone by 2050

Key Points:

  • Australia lists Koala Bears as an endangered species.

  • 50 million in grants have been devoted to the conservation of Koalas

  • 30 percent decrease in population

  • Could be extinct by 2050

Due to the recent spike of disease, drought, deforestation and devastating forest fires, the population of Koala bears in Australia has decreased nearly 30 percent. In New South Wales, the population has been reduced by over 40 percent. In a recent report published by the Australian Koala Foundation, the population has gone down from over 80 thousand in 2018 to under 58 thousand in 2021. This drastic decline has made Australia declare the Koala as an endangered species. In a prediction by the country’s environmental minister, Sussan Ley, the animal could be extinct by 2050 if no urgent government action is taken.


How the government mishandled the situation

Back in 2012, Australia declared the animal as vulnerable. Now that it has been relabeled as endangered, the country has gone under criticism as it has only been 9 years since the first declaration. Despite the growing concerns, the government continues to fail the Koala population. A recovery plan was put in place in 2012 but since then the following administrations have failed to deliver.

While the government has invested a lot of money in the species, they continue to approve the destruction of their environment for the development of Campbelltown, a city southwest of Sydney. In 2020, former competition watchdog head Graeme Samel reported that successive Australian governments have neglected protecting the environment. In that same report, he made 38 recommendations to which the government has not commented on. During Samels reporting the 2019-2020 bushfires had begun. The fires covered more than 42 million acres burning everything in its path. There were more than 61 thousand Koalas killed in the fires.

Source: Wikipedia

A new chapter for Koala conservation

“We need to understand what the strategy is to save this species and what that’s going to cost because $50m is just a drop in the ocean. Without addressing the root cause of their decline, which is habitat loss and climate change, we’re just plugging holes in a sinking ship.” Sussan Ley, Australia’s Environment Minister, said about the 50 million in funding from the government for her new proposed recovery plan. Just in time for Australia, Sussan Ley has shown great interest in saving the Koalas.

In urgent times, Koalas receive the majority of publication amongst Australian animals due to their adorable nature, there are over 2 thousand threatened species and habitats. All species and habitats should be protected more and receive the same type of funding for their conservation as they were all impacted by the tragic 2019-2020 bushfire season. If you or anybody you know would like to donate to the Koalas or the conservation of the Australian environment, the links can be found below.

Links to Donate

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